Local martial artists compete in several tournaments


The Sundre Mountainview Taekwondo Club has been extremely busy over the past three months attending tournaments and participating in promotion testing and training seminars.

Twelve athletes attended a tournament in Red Deer and won 23 medals including seven gold, six silver and eight bronze.

In the patterns category, Brysen Deschaine and Dylan Marko won gold; Taylor Johnson and Jade Garding won silver; Brenden and Riley Johnson, Garrett and Liam Deschaine, Logan Donnelly as well as Russell Marko won bronze.

In the sparring category, Brenden and Riley Johnson, Liam Deschaine, as well as Russell and Dylan Marko won gold; Garrett and Brysen Deschaine, Ajay Talbot as well as Jade Garding won silver; and Logan Donnelly won bronze.

Black belt Ajay Talbot, as well as Brenden, Riley and Wade Johnson, attended the provincial team training seminar in March and spent the day learning the skills required to become provincial/national-level champions.

The Westlock tournament was next on the tournament tour and the local club had four athletes attend. Brenden Johnson won double gold; Riley Johnson won bronze in patterns and silver in sparring; Cash Young won bronze in patterns and silver in sparring; Drew Young won gold in patterns and bronze in sparring.

Students are working hard preparing for their upcoming belt testing and they are also looking forward to attending the Champion Sparring Festival in Provost, the Alberta Open in Edmonton as well as the 2017 Calgary Championship at the end of April.

Classes for the club will be wrapping up at the end of May with fall registrations for next season taking place early in September.


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