Intolerance must not be tolerated


Intolerance must never be tolerated.

Regardless of whether it stems from white nationalistic supremacy or radical Islamic sympathizers.

No matter the circumstance, racial prejudice, bigotry, hate and radical ideology must be not only challenged but confronted as well.

The American president has stirred up political controversy, again, by blaming “many sides” in the recent upheaval in Charlottesville, Va., where clashes between neo-Nazis and KKK sympathizers led to the death of a 32-year-old counter-demonstrator, who was killed when a male identified as sympathetic to fascism drove his car into a crowd.

But here’s the problem with blaming the group that identifies as anti-fascists.

These counter-protestors would not even have been out in the streets to begin with had swastika and Confederate flag waving, Nazi saluting white supremacists not been marching with torches chanting slogans such as “Jews will not replace us” and “blood and soil,” a phrase drawn from Nazi ideology.

In Canada, there has been pressure on conservative politicians to distance themselves from such toxic ideologies that could permeate our country’s politics. Unlike No. 45, they have not been particularly ambivalent or ambiguous in their condemnation of racial prejudice.

“I’ve been clear that I will not tolerate any hate or bigotry or prejudice or bias in our party, I will not accept that kind of behaviour,” said aspiring United Conservative Party leader Brian Jean during a campaign rally and membership drive in Sundre last Thursday.

“And I won’t accept it from our members of Parliament, I won’t accept it from our members, and frankly I don’t think it’s acceptable in Canada.”

While it might sound redundant, statements of condemnation must be made in the fallout of such clashes as in the U.S. because the simple fact is silence is akin to acceptance — or tolerance of the intolerant.

Jean is absolutely correct. As sad a state of affairs as it is that this must even be said, but such beliefs have no place in civilized society and should not be tolerated in Canada.

The sight of Nazi flags and salutes in North America must appall veterans and others from the Great Generation who fought to topple the oppressive and ruthless Third Reich.

The only way to ensure we do not repeat the mistakes of history is to remember and learn from them.

— Ducatel is the Round Up’s editor


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Simon Ducatel

Simon Ducatel is the editor of the Sundre Round Up and a longtime columnist for other publications of Mountain View Publishing.