Canadians more likely to commit crimes than migrants


As many refugees and immigrants continue to unlawfully cross the border into Canada from the U.S., concerns about the potential for criminals slipping through the cracks remain largely unfounded.

Statistically speaking, the fact remains beyond clear that Canadians unfortunately have more to worry about from other citizens than migrants.

In a timely news story illustrating this trend, two Caucasian Calgary residents are facing charges following a recently botched robbery of a convenience store in the city. Working the night shift was a clerk named Nisar “Sonny” Ahmed, who managed to fend off the would-be cigarette thieves. The irony here is rather interesting ó while many Canadians worry about immigrants, perhaps it should be the other way around.

Since the crash in the price of oil and subsequent increase in property crimes perpetrated throughout the province over the past few years, the culprits are almost exclusively without exception Canadian citizens.

Every time the RCMP in Alberta releases information about the most recent bust, those who are charged generally hail from the likes of Calgary, Edmonton and other larger urban centre such as Red Deer and Airdrie. Less frequently, they also come from smaller towns ó even Sundre is not exempt.

“There is no evidence to suggest these immigrants are any more likely to radicalize ó or even commit petty crime ó than Canadian citizens already here,” say University of Alberta experts in immigration.

“Foreigners make one of the easiest political scapegoats when attempting to shift blame, create fear and gather votes in conservative voting zones. We’re not immune to this in Canada,” states

“Economically speaking, countries such as Canada that have fairly stagnant birth rates will actually depend on skilled as well as unskilled labour to ensure sustainability,” it adds.

“After looking at facts provided by in-depth research, it becomes clear that immigrants help reduce crime in their area while contributing to the growth of economies when they become part of the working population.”

Quite the contrary to the popular misconception that immigrants are “taking all the jobs,” they are often actually helping to fill gaps in the labour pool that would otherwise leave local economies reeling, which will become increasingly important as more and more baby boomers retire over the coming years.

Even Canada’s intelligence agency CSIS highlights the greater threat to national security as stemming from white supremacist lone wolf attacks rather than radical Islamists.

Analysis of available evidence paints a clear picture: Canadians have no more ó arguably even less ó to worry about from immigrants than from other citizens.

ó Ducatel is the Round Up’s editor


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