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The Canadian Press
OTTAWA - Some facts about the Conservative Party of Canada:
History: Born of a merger between Canadian Alliance party and Progressive Conservative party in 2003. Alliance was created in March 2000 as a mix of former Reform party members and variety of small-c conservatives. Progressive Conservative party roots pre-dated Confederation.
Leader: Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Founding member of Reform; ran unsuccessfully in 1988 election; entered Commons in 1993; resigned in 1997; became president of National Citizens Coalition. Replaced Stockwell Day as Alliance leader 2002, won federal byelection May 2002. Elected leader of new Conservative Party of Canada in March 2004. Won minority government 2006 and 2008.
Commons seats in most recent Parliament: 143 of 308
Main policies: Supports lower taxes, corporate tax cuts; stiffer sentences for violent and white-collar crimes and more rigorous pardon system; security perimeter and more harmonization of policies with the U.S. Would like move toward elected Senate with term limits for Senators; opposed to major new social programs including national child-care and home-care regimes; opposed to limits on industrial greenhouse-gas emissions, and carbon-trading market, without participation of U.S.
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