Town census finds 85 more residents

Tuesday, Jul 10, 2012 06:00 am | Dan Singleton

A town census conducted over the past several weeks has found 85 more residents than were identified by the 2011 federal census – putting the municipality in line for more than $27,000 in additional grant and other funding.

The federal census found that the municipality’s population had increased by only 87 between 2006 and 2011. The town census was launched to determine if the federal totals were accurate.

Completed last week, the Town of Sundre municipal census found that Sundre’s population is 2,695, or 3.25 per cent higher than identified in the federal census.

In a presentation to council during last week’s council meeting, Erin O’Neill, manager of planning and development, told councillors that the new numbers could translate into substantially higher provincial grants and other funding for the town.

• Municipal sustainability grant - The estimate based on the new town numbers would be $619,297, an increase of $19,532 over the amount based on 2011 federal census numbers.

• Alberta Transportation grants - The new number would be $161,700, an increase of $5,100.

Other potential gains include $59,286 for FCSS, an increase of $1,869, and $238,279 for Healthy Families Program, an increase of $1,207.

The total estimated potential impact of the new census numbers is $27,709.80.

The town census found that there are 245 residents 75 years old or older, making that the largest population group in town. There are 181 residents age 50 - 54, 177 residents age 30 - 34, and 175 residents age 5 - 9.

Deputy Mayor Chris Vardas says the town is pleased that the survey was conducted.

“It helps out on the funding from the government,” said Vardas. “It’s a little more money for the town.”


In other council news, councillors have agreed to have the town pay a portion of the cost of maintenance on a fire pumper truck used by all the fire departments in Mountain View Country. The town’s portion of the funding is $2,410.

Sundre fire chief Marty Butts told councillors the pumper is used at the training facility in Olds, and is also available to any of the departments as a temporary replacement pumper.

He called the pumper a “good option” for all the departments and something worth supporting.

In a note to council, town administration said: “Unit #920 was a working unit with the Olds Fire Department that was replaced and taken out of service. At a regional chiefs meeting, the Olds Fire chief brought forward the proposal to keep the unit as a regional spare, although it did need some repair. It was agreed at the meeting to prove beneficial and that each department would share the cost to repair.”

Councillors passed a motion authorizing the town to contribute $2,410 towards repair of the unit.

Also during last week’s council meeting, councillors instructed administration to have the fire departments in the region come up with a written agreement regarding the funding of maintenance and upkeep of Unit #920 by various municipalities.


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